Save Money From Your House Move By Purging Your Excess Stuff!

blog9Let’s face it, we all like a good purge every now and then. Whether it’s a detox for your body, changes in your personal life, or ‘getting rid’ of physical clutter, the benefits are immense. That said the process of actually getting up and doing it can be daunting for many. However one of the many good things to come out of a potential house move is that it gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. Not only will clearing out your clutter it make you feel good (fresh start and all that) it’s going to save you money too.

How so?

When you book a removalist to help you relocate, they usually charge either by the truck size or by the cubic meterage. By getting rid of a multitude of ‘stuff’ that hasn’t seen the light of day since it was moved from your last house, or that you just plain never use, could be the difference between a couple of cubic metres or indeed a smaller truck.

Now the sight of dollar signs before your eyes has motivated you to have a good old sort out what can you do to get rid of it. Here are a few ideas.

A garage sale
There’s no getting away from the fact that we’re a nation of bargain hunters and as a result there’s nothing more popular than a good old garage sale. It’s a great way to get rid of that dress you bought on a whim but never wore, or that guitar you thought you’d learn to play but never got the time. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and if you make a little bit of cash out of it in the process, then it’s a got to be a win/win situation right?

One way to make money out of your unwanted goods might be to re-purpose it. Up-cycling is a huge buzzword right now and even the most trendiest of apartments is likely to be adorned with something that’s been re-purposed. If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine then why not alter some of your old clothes? New paint and different hardware can transform a tired old piece of furniture, and with a bit of imagination an an old pot or dish can be made into something really useful. Online auction sites are a great way to sell your re-purposed or up-cycled goods and you never know, they might be more popular than you think.

Give it away
Okay so you didn’t manage to sell every item you had in your garage sale or upc-ycled. Before you head for the nearest skip, you might want to think about giving it away. Ask around friends and family, work colleagues or visit your local charity shop.

These are just a few options but for everything you need to keep, let On The Move Removals do the heavy lifting and packing for you. Contact us on 044 993 2603 for a competitive quote that won’t have you running for the hills.

What Do You Do With All Your Empty Boxes After Your House Move?

blog8You’ve got to admit, when you move house, there’s always a profound moment of relief when you unpack the very last box, tinged with possibly a hint of sadness as you realise that you’ve closed one chapter of your life and opened another. As you go off in a world of your own and start to reminisce about days gone by, you’re suddenly brought back into reality as you walk into that fatal spare room only to be greeted by a mountain of empty boxes that come tumbling out as you open the door.

Yes we’ve all been there, but the question is what do you do with all those empty boxes after your house move?

Here at On The Move Removals it’s fair to say that we’ve handled our fair share of boxes during our time and we know from experience that there’s nothing worse than having a spare room full of them. So here are a few pearls of wisdom that might help you lighten your world of unwanted cardboard boxes.

Give them away
As we speak (or at least as I’m writing this post) somebody, somewhere will be wanting empty boxes. They’re so in demand they’re like a big juicy steak at a convention for starving carnivores. So spread the word through social media channels, friends and family or your place of work. Trust us, someone will know someone who is in desperate need of boxes.

Sell them
Okay so the word ‘sell’ might not be the right terminology but if you’ve bought your packing boxes from new then you might be able to sell back your unused ones on a sale or return basis. Packing materials is often a significant outlay for most removalist companies, so they may be only happy to buy unused ones back at a greatly reduced price. It’s got to be worth an ask right!

Save the planet and recycle
Okay so you probably guessed that this one was heading your way, but the truth is that boxes can be re-purposed for a whole multitude of things, so if you don’t have a need for them, then why not pay a visit down to your local recycling plant. After all you might as well do your bit. This way you get to dispose of items you don’t want and while you’re at it you get to feel good about it too. What’s not to like about that?

At On The Move Removals we’re your local moving company covering Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, so let us handle your packing and moving needs including your boxes. Give us a call on 044 993 2603 or visit our website at and get a competitive quote that won’t leave you feeling crushed.

How A Little Pre-Planning Can Save You A Lot Of Cash When It Comes To Your Move

blog7According to a recent study, the price of hiring a removal company for a straight forward, no issues move turns out to be around $2 per kilogram. That doesn’t sound a lot, but when you consider that a standard 2 bedroomed house or apartment has around 4100 kgs of ‘stuff’ it means that packing, moving and unpacking it again is likely to run close to $9000. If this sort of money isn’t really a problem to you then that’s fine, but what about if money is tight, or you simply don’t wish to spend that much money on a property move, what do you do then? The good news is that with a little bit of preparation and planning, you can bring down this cost considerably. Here’s how to do it.

Plan early
As soon as you know that you’re going to be moving you should at the very least open negotiations with a removalist. The simple reason is that by planning early, you can afford to shop around and get the best deal. You see, many companies offer flexible moving packages to suit both need and budget of the customer. If you only give a removal company a week’s notice, they may well be limited on the type of service they can offer you due to other commitments. Finally, by planning early you can look to get rid of items you no longer need, and if possible, even look to move some items yourself ahead of time.

Seek cheap packing materials
Buying packing boxes can be expensive if you purchase them directly through a removal company or are buying them brand new. Instead, what you might want to do given time is to go round family and friends and ask if they have any decent boxes hanging around that they don’t need. Another possibility is to ask your local store whether they have any spare boxes they can let you have. Chances are that if they have daily deliveries, then they’ll be only too happy to get rid of a few.

What about good old bubble wrap?
Okay so admit it! Who doesn’t like to pop the bubbles on a roll of bubble wrap? While it is an effective packing material it’s also pretty expensive and when you’re on a budget, utilising newspaper, old towels, blankets and even pillow cases will not only do a very good job, but could save you a few dollars in the process.

Get rid of junk
Every time I stay in one place for any number of years I tend to accumulate what can only be described as ‘stuff’. It’s probably the same for most people. By being ruthless and getting rid of any junk, you’re not moving items (remember $2 per kg) that you probably won’t ever use. Also by getting shot of your unwanted items early on it might make the difference between paying for a large truck and squeezing it in to a less expensive smaller truck.

So there you have it! Moving doesn’t have to be expensive if you do a little bit of pre-planning. If you are moving locally and are on a bit of a budget, but still want the best quality service then you need to speak to On The Move Removals. We’ve built a strong reputation for a speedy and efficient service, so give us a call on 044 993 2603 and let us give you a seriously competitive quote. You may be surprised at how much money we can save you.