Avoid Hidden Traps From Removalist Companies

Brisbane removals Moving checklist

  1. Choosing your Brisbane removalists:
    Whether you are moving home or offices, the removalist you choose can be the difference between a smooth transition and a difficult one. Do not be “blinded” simply by the incredible offers that some moving companies in Brisbane make. You might end up getting really lousy service if you just choose the cheapest removalist available.
    We’ve been in the removals industry based in Brisbane for many years, earning a reputation as a trustworthy and hardworking Brisbane removals company. Our team of highly trained and motivated Brisbane movers are committed to our clients personal well-being and their possessions, ensuring that we offer both a level of service and expertise second to none. OnTheMove Removals are simply the best in home and furniture removals in Brisbane.
  2. Avoid Hidden Removalists Traps:
    Do your research! Some area’s to be cautious of when considering a removals company includes:

    • insurance charges
    • lack of commitment to the timing of the move
    • confusing or complicated quotes
    • false or unrealistic promises about the success of your move
    • additional charges not in the original quote
    • pressure to use other services or associated companies services
  3. Important things to remember leading up to moving house:
    • Create a moving checklist that is pertinent to you and your family
    • Redirect your mail
    • Throw out as much junk as possible through charity bins or garage sales
    • Start cleaning out cupboards and packing up things you will not need
    • Check your insurance policy to check whether it covers your move
    • Make a list of all the things you will require for the moving day, so that you do not pack away anything essential you may need
    • Collect packing boxes and materials from supermarkets or organise to buy or hire moving and packing cartons from On The Move Removals.
    • Contact your landlord/real estate agent if you are renting and arrange a refund of your bond upon final inspection
    • Arrange for the disconnection and reconnection of electricity, telephone & internet provider – allowing at least 5 working days to do this
    • Cancel/ redirect deliveries, cleaning & gardening and any other local services
    • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer the day before you move
    • Start packing – the more you do before the day, the less stressful the whole experience. Label boxes clearly, especially those which are heavy or fragile.
    • Arrange for new locks to be fitted to the new house
    • Ensure your removals company is aware of any special requirements (eg. Pianos/ antiques etc)
  4. On the day of the move:
    • Make or confirm key collection arrangements
    • Pack a box with kitchen essentials for the move day such as a kettle, cutlery, mugs, tea, coffee and snacks
    • Communicate openly with your removalist to ensure the move is conducted to your liking
    • Do a final check to ensure nothing is left behind
    • Check off all furniture and cartons against your inventory as they go into the van or truck
    • Turn off electricity at the main switch
    • Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked and double check your checklist before leaving
    • Keep your valuables and important papers with you at all times
    • Unpack bedding and make up beds as soon as possible – this is the most important item, especially at the end of an exhausting moving day
  5. Some advice on moving offices:On The Move Removals have years of experience relocating offices in Brisbane Furniture removals, IT relocation and fast and efficient service is our specialty while ensuring your business has minimal operational interruptions.
    As with moving house, a moving checklist can be an integral part of ensuring a smooth transition when moving offices and we strongly advise that your company has one that is circulated to all staff outlining their responsibilities during the move.
    When planning your move:

    • Find out about truck access
    • Communicate with building management about when you can move furniture
    • Have your removalists conduct a site inspection
    • Communicate the floor plan of the new premises with your removalists early
    • Arrange for the transportation of any specialist equipment with your removalist well in advance.

    Once you have read our checklist, if you require more information on furniture removals in Brisbane, our home packing service or our discounted, secure self storage options, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff who can offer more information and arrange these for you. We are the moving company that aims to please.

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