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True to our low cost promise we offer you the best box deal, ever! Get unlimited boxes 14 days before you move – and keep them up to 14 days after. Amazing!
boxes2The low down
When you move with On The Move Removals you are entitled to unlimited $2.00 cartons! You read right. Unlimited and totally $2.00 tea chests and book boxes for your move with On The Move Removals

boxes3And it gets better
Just $34 delivered from On The Move Removals any time within 14 days of your booked move so you can get packing and get organized ahead of time. Nothing is better for a move than getting your belongings in order ahead of time.

And now the truly amazing part
They are yours for up to 14 days after your move. Unpack into your new home or office at your own pace. Use the time to get organized and make yourself comfortable in your new digs. Simply call us to come and collect them within 14 days of your move and pay only $2.00 per box.

Save $$$ by choosing On The Move Removals
When you use us as your Brisbane removalist you Save big bucks by using our moving boxes. Beware of imitators – nothing comes close to this generous deal! We only ask you look after our cartons and have them ready in 14 days, flat packed and in a good condition to be picked up, just liked when they were delivered.

Delivery of cartons
We delivery all the cartons to you for the cost of $34 anywhere within Brisbane metro. We also collect the boxes at the end of your use of them for $34 anywhere within Brisbane metro. Please contact On The Move Removals on Ph. 0449932603 for delivery rates to other Brisbane areas.

We only require a deposit
Get unlimited $2.00 boxes by simply putting down a $5 deposit on each carton. Return them within 14 days of your move in serviceable condition and get a full refund on your deposit less $2.00 for each box. Only pay for what you keep at the rates published of $5

Take advantage of this exceptional offer today and call On The Move Removals on 0449932603 to book your next move.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your card will be debited upon delivery at $5 per box;
  2. You may retain some cartons and have others collected within 14 days of moving date for a full refund.You will only be invoiced for the amount you retain;
  3. Cartons must be returned in a reasonable condition, including being returned unsoiled, dry, flat packed and without excessive wear which includes being free of holes, large tears and walls in a rigid condition without excessive creasing. Any carton that is deemed unfit to be returned will be invoiced to you. You may write on the cartons – ” But Only on the Tape” – and treat them as your own but they need to be returned in serviceable condition for the next customer to use.
  4. Please ensure you check the cartons before accepting them and make sure your order is correct.
  5. On The Move Removals requires $5 per carton as security deposit which will be fully refunded less $2.00 per box on return of the carton(s) in good serviceable condition;
  6. If you cancel your move once you have received cartons you will incur the full charge of the boxes regardless of if we collect those boxes back or not;
  7. On The Move Removals accepts no liability for the cartons supplied and they are used at own risk.

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